What is my guarantee?
We guarantee in writing the final price (before we start any work). We guarantee our work in writing with a 5 year labor
warranty. The materials are guaranteed for 20-50 years.

What are my risks associated with getting a new roof?
When you use Colorado Roofing and Remodeling there are no risks.

Do you require any money upfront?
No we do not accept any money until the job is complete and you are 100% satisfied.

How long will it take to complete the job?
Most roofing systems take one to two days to complete from start to finish.

Can you provide me with any references?
Yes. We can absolutely provide customer references upon request.

Will my property be left clean?
We prep the exterior of your home by first moving any patio furniture, gas grills, storage containers, and etc. 15 feet away from the house. Then we place large heavy duty nylon tarps around the entire house. After the new roof is installed, we walk the premises and pick up any leftover debris. We then use a commercial grade nail magnet to pick up all remaining nails. Lastly, the entire area is walked again to triple check that ALL debris is removed. You will not even know we were there it is left so clean!

What if there is a problem with my new roof or it leaks?
That is why we provide a 5 year written labor warranty so you are 100% protected. In the unlikely event there is a problem, you just have to call us and we will come out immediately to fix it. No questions asked!

What hidden fees or costs will I have?
NONE! EVER! The written estimate will have an exact dollar amount before we begin any work, and that is what the final cost will always be.

What if someone gets hurt or falls off the roof?
Our crews are covered with 2 million dollar general liability insurance and 1 million dollar workers compensation insurance policies. We take all risk away from the homeowner.

Who is responsible for the building permit?
We order, post and pay for the building permit. This takes all of the risk off the homeowner and puts it on us.

How do I know if I am getting the best materials?
We will always educate you with good, better and best options when reviewing your home improvement project so you can decide
the level of quality materials you want.

How do I choose the color of shingles?
We will assist you with choosing the color of your new shingles by providing actual shingle samples, pictures of the shingles on different houses and even identify shingle colors in your neighborhood.

Are your crews qualified?
Yes. Our crews are some of the best in Colorado. They are a tight knit group that has been together as a team for 15 years, which is unheard of in the construction industry. They have over 25 years of industry specific experience.

How much noise is there?
The nail guns and pounding of hammers can be loud. We work around your schedule to accommodate your needs. We will start or stop working when you want us to.

Do you provide a lien waiver?
Yes. We provide a lien waiver for materials and labor so you know everything has been paid for an no liens can be placed on your property..